Amanda + Joe are getting married!

A Newburyport engagement shoot

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GUESS WHO’S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW?! These two!! {that would be weird if it was someone else and I just randomly posted pics of Amanda + Joe, haha} ANYWHO. I am pumped for this wedding. I remember getting an email from Amanda quite some time ago, asking if I was available for her wedding before she even had a date! I liked her enthusiasm, and we stayed in contact until she found a venue. Well she found an amazing one. I can’t wait to see these two say I do at Belle Mer. It’s going to be epic. CLEARLY these two are super photogenic. Although it’s hard to be cuter than their pup, “Rottweiler Bro”, he has his own hashtag on Insta, look him up! A+J: I’m counting down the minutes until I see you! Sleep tight tonight- it’s your last evening until you’re a husband and wife!! xoxo

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Audrey + Brad at Tabor Academy

A Tabor Academy Wedding in Marion, MA

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Sending love and hugs to Audrey + Brad as they celebrate their one year anniversary this week! Clearly* I’m behind on my blogging, but I couldn’t let another opportunity pass me by to share this warm and wonderful wedding. These two: welcomed me in and instantly made me feel like family. I photographed their rehearsal dinner the night before, hung out with their family and friends, and even dropped a few “that’s what she said” jokes with the groomsmen. So seeing them in the morning for the wedding was definitely like reconnecting with old friends. Audrey got ready at her mom’s ADORABLE little cottage in Marion, and all the festivities happened down the road at Audrey’s alma mater, Tabor Academy. There’s a wonderful vibe here: it’s laid back, the grounds are beautiful, and they have the awesome SAILING CENTER {above}. Couldn’t help but do a few portraits in front of this shingled beauty. And you cannot beat a sunset on the water, amiright?! Big thanks to our dear friend Cara at Dear Rose Studio for the impeccable coordinating of this wedding and her outrageously gorgeous calligraphy and paper goods. I think the shining piece was the custom flag on the flagpole and the full sail seating chart on the boat. So creative!

I’ll be reuniting with this fine couple in a few weeks when we photograph their maid of honor and super sweetie, Liz’s wedding on the Cape. I already know this crowd can bust a move, and I’m looking forward to Brad’s rendition of Poison. Like, I’m really excited and genuinely can’t wait. hahaha

02_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 03_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 04_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 05_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 06_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 07_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 08_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma-bride-veil 09_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 10_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma-dogwood 11_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 12_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 13_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 14_tabor-academy-wedding-dock 15_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 16_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 17_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 18_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 19_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 20_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 21_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 22_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 23_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 24_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 25_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 26_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 27_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 28_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 29_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 30_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 31_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 32_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 33_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 34_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 35_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 36_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 37_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 38_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 39_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 40_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 41_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 42_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 43_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 44_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 45_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 46_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 47_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 48_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma 49_tabor-academy-wedding-marion-ma

Sabrina + Nik eloped!

A Cape Cod beach wedding elopement

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It’s no secret I love couples that walk to the beat of their own drum. “We’re cutting the cheese instead of cutting the wedding cake”… SWEET! “My wedding party is carrying books instead of flowers”, AWESOME. “We’re playing the piano together in-lieu of a first dance”, SO FUN! So when Sabrina called me and said they were switching gears, the wedding was becoming too stressful and they were now eloping. I said… Well, first I said “Oh crap”… but then she informed me they still wanted photos, and I said “OMG RAD!”
I hear couples joke all the time, that they should just elope, WHELP. Sabrina and Nik DID it. And it was so unbelievably sweet, and beautiful – with their babies by their side, The JP and his wife, and Sabrina’s mom/baby wrangler, we had the Sagamore Beach on Cape Cod all to ourselves on a Friday evening! And as the mist came down, Sabrina + Nik smiled even more.
It takes courage to go with your gut, but you know what… when you do, it feels so right. Here’s to big love, and big balls. <–QUOTE.

02_capecod_wedding_elopment 03_capecod_wedding_elopment 04_capecod_wedding_elopment 05_capecod_wedding_elopment 06_capecod_wedding_elopment 07_capecod_wedding_elopment 08_capecod_wedding_elopment 09_capecod_wedding_elopment 10_capecod_wedding_kiss_elopment 11_capecod_wedding_elopment_ceremony 12_capecod_wedding_family_portrait 13_capecod_wedding_elopment 14_capecod_wedding_elopment 15_capecod_wedding_elopment_bride 16_capecod_wedding_elopment_hydrangea 17_capecod_wedding_elopment 18_capecod_wedding_elopment_groom 19_capecod_wedding_elopment 20_capecod_wedding_elopment_couple 21_capecod_wedding_elopment 22_capecod_wedding_elopment 23_capecod_wedding_elopment 24_capecod_wedding_elopment 25_capecod_wedding_elopment 26_capecod_beach_wedding_elopment 27_capecod_wedding_elopment 28_capecod_wedding_beach_elopment 29_capecod_wedding_elopment_tulle 30_capecod_wedding_elopment 31_capecod_wedding_elopment_shoes 32_capecod_wedding_elopment 33_capecod_wedding_elopment 34_capecod_wedding_elopment

Carissa + Dave at CMAC

A Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding

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I remember thinking at Carissa + Dave’s wedding at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, that I was doing something right. This venue. This awesome, happy, quirky, fun couple. Their fun and kind family and guests. The fact that they met me at another super fun awesome wedding. THIS IS THE DREAM of the wedding photographer. And the good juju just continued from there. The morning was laid back, with Carissa’s bridesmaids chillin in the room with her, followed by a most epic walk to CMAC that included a fire engine stopping for us so we could take some pics! And then one of the loveliest ceremonies. The sun shining, bird chirping, sounds of children laughing, kind of ceremonies that make taking a gamble on a New England spring wedding pay off.

There were so many great unique things about this wedding- Carissa’s friends created the most amazing paper flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres. And she sourced her PAPER earrings from etsy. There were pops of blue and green everywhere, and I just can’t get over her fabulous ruffly wedding dress paired with that blonde pixie cut. I’ve never seen better.

These two wrote the best vows, which perfectly summed up their opposite yet complimentary personalities – it was a pleasure to watch as they lightheartedly poked fun at each other and simultaneously spoke about how they balance one another out, and are made better by the other. I’m so happy these two have become my friends. I think I’M the lucky one in this marriage you guys… 😉