Jennifer + David’s Happily Ever After

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Wedding

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Jen and Dave were like old friends when we first met with them.  The ease at which we could carry on conversations was notable.  We look for people who are fun to have as clients, we look for those people who love life and laughing… a lot.  Jen and Dave loved all of these things.  We arrived at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel and was immediately greeted by Jen saying, “So… Starbucks is closed but I waited until you got here so we could all order drinks!”  She is one of those people who makes sure everyone else is taken care of… including us.  These two brought 5 of the cutest kids  we have ever seen into this marriage and these kids could bust a move!  The day was filled with everything you want a wedding day to be filled with, laughter, tears of joy, and dancing!  We seriously love these two!

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Adrianna & Chris’ Modern romance

A Space 57 Revere Hotel Wedding

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I love when couples get creative and totally transform a space. Adrianna & Chris did just that at Revere Hotel’s Space 57. With the help of one heck of a talented team: Lolagrace Events, Karla Cassidy, and Frost Productions this wedding was a show stopper. Add in a trip to the historic Boston Public garden, a cute pup who almost steals the show, and some serious sparkles, and you have yourself a party.

There were a lot of nerves the morning of this wedding, but when Adrianna & Chris saw one another for the first time, you could see it melt away. These two are each other’s rocks, it’s obvious. They compliment one another, each taking turns to remind the other to breathe, and by the end of the night they were floating on cloud nine. Their choreographed dance was amazing and once Adrianna changed into her party dress, well, all bets were off. This was one killer shindig. Thanks for letting us hang, guys!

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Glamping Boudoir

A Boston Boudoir Shoot

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Glamping = Glamorous Camping. And boy, was it!! We teamed up with our talented Boston Betrothed posse to produce this beautiful outdoor boudoir shoot! This is chapter one of three we’ll be showcasing on the blog! Isn’t this location a dream?! This is my kind of camping. A beautifully styled tent by Darcy at Le Reve who also did the florals. Delicious fire cooked meal {including S’mores, not shown} from The Chef’s Table. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Coates, and fabulous lingerie from Forty Winks.

Big thanks to Well Wed magazine who just published a two page spread of this! And stay tuned for the next two scenes!!

boston-boudoir-photographer001 boston-boudoir-photographer002 boston-boudoir-photographer003 boston-boudoir-photographer004 boston-boudoir-photographer005 boston-boudoir-photographer006 boston-boudoir-photographer007 boston-boudoir-photographer008 boston-boudoir-photographer009 boston-boudoir-photographer010