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It was so nice meeting everyone at StageSource 2015! I hope you can join me for headshots on November 2 or January 18th! Please use our contact form to email me which date is best so I can put you on my calendar! AND don’t forget to download your PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS! Link below.


And have you haven’t checked it out already, all the PHOTOBOOTH PICS ARE ONLINE!!! PIN to download your pic: 7457

Liam + Nina’s snowy beach

A Cape Cod cozy engagement shoot

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“Liam’s office”. This little beach by Liam’s family home on the Cape has that loving title because he used to come down here and sit for hours as a boy. It’s also the beach where Liam proposed to Nina. So obviously we went for the TRIFECTA and had their engagement shoot too… on the first day of spring. Yes. There was snow. #newengland
I’ve known Nina for a while. She was a bridesmaid at a wedding years ago, which she helped plan. She’s a stylish, efficient, coordinated {on all fronts}, fun-loving gal. And when you put Liam next to her… well, they just both light up. They’re the kind of couple where, individually, they are awesome: Intelligent, funny, and genuinely kind. But together, they’re a power couple. Quick-witted, they make each other laugh constantly. You can see how much they care for one another- the way Liam placed the blanket around Nina when her hands started turning blue, and I remember how they took turns speaking at our first meeting, and encouraging each other’s ideas. It’s really fun to see and a pleasure to be around. I’ve been looking forward to their wedding all year long, and it’s finally here this weekend! It’s a busy holiday weekend for weddings, the Studio is photographing FIVE, so Nina & Liam’s Sunday party will be a fabulous way to round out the festivities. No doubt there will be beautiful details, a fun crowd, and I’m anticipating some really epic vows. {no pressure}. I mean, just look at the fun details they brought to the engagement shoot! I enjoyed reliving this fun shoot as I put the blog together, and I can’t wait to see these two this weekend! xo L


Lauren + Aidan: snow bunnies

The Equinox Resort Wedding in Manchester, VT

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SPOILER ALERT. Lauren and Aidan rule. The above is a photo from the morning AFTER this beautiful wedding {see below}. But I just wanted you to know what we’re dealing with here: Pure. Awesomeness.
These two met on the slopes, and skiing and snowboarding remains one of their favorite activities together. They even honeymooned in Switzerland with MORE snow. So The Equinox Resort in Manchester, VT in winter was a natural choice for these guys- and boy was it beautiful up there. Now, I’m a notorious hot-weather lover myself, but Vermont is breathtaking in winter, and once properly outfitted {thank my outdoorsy husband} Christine and I had THE BEST time romping around the snow banks photographing these two. Lauren is possibly the coolest chic you’ll ever meet: I couldn’t get enough of her vintage fur shrug and her WHITE LL Bean boots. Girlfriend was NOT afraid of getting outside in the snow in her ruffles and she commands my utmost respect. The fun didn’t stop there; this elegant white and green reception was juxtaposed with the BEST 80’s band you’ve ever heard: to which Aidan & Lauren’s friends fully embraced. Bandannas were worn, air guitars were played, and Jesse’s Girl was sung at the top of our lungs. This crew clearly was ecstatic to celebrate this couple, and I can see why. They are fun, generous, truly love their family and are beyond sweet together. Take a look.

The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau01 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau02 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau03 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau04 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau05 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau06 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau07 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau08 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau09 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau10 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau11 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau12 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau13 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau14 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau15 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau16 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau17 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau18 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau19 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau20 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau21 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau22 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau23 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau24 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau25 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau26 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau27 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau28 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau29 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau30 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau31 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau32 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau33 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau34 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau35 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau36 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau37 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau38 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau39 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau40 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau41 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau42 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau43 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau44 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau45 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau46 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau47 The-Equinox-resort-manchester-VT-wedding-studio-nouveau48

AND THEN THE NEXT MORNING. We hit the slopes! Relatively early too: Lauren & Aidan, were you guys hungover?! I didn’t even ask. You couldn’t tell. We were OBVIOUSLY the talk of the mountain, with people yelling congratulations from the chair lift as these two WHIZZED down the mountain. We took a couple runs {I ran down in my boots as I didn’t trust myself with my equipment ON skiis…PLEASE enjoy that mental image of me RUNNING off the chair lift, haha}

Jon, my husband, joined us for some sweet video action, see below! And The Huffington Post saw my instagram of Lauren on the slopes and contacted us for a story. I emailed her in Switzerland: “HAPPY HONEYMOON YOU’RE ON HUFFPOST!” And she was able to do the interview from oversees! So yeah, Good weekend.

Video from Jon at Key & Kitestring

Weddin’ The Gnar from Studio Nouveau on Vimeo.

Lovely Locks!

Boston Goldwell Hair Color Competition

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We’re having a little #tbt in the Studio today! Preparing some new galleries for a very exciting new website coming, and couldn’t resist sharing a few of these! Those of you who have met me know I’m kind* of into hair. I’m OBVIOUSLY a natural redhead… {wink} and have been every shade of red, orange, pink under the sun, so I JUMP at the chance to photograph some very talented hair artists. These images were submitted to the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge. I’ve had the privilege of photographing this hair awesomeness for three years, and each year these artists impress me. We’ve even had one make it to the finals! I’ve brought the image above with the red ombre to my stylist before and loved rocking that look, and ONE day I might try that rainbow Mohawk below… what do you think?!