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A trip home to South Africa

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Oh man, you guys. It has taken me forever to get this blog up! My trip to Africa! As some of you may know, that’s where I’m from and much of my family is still there. I think it was so hard to wrap my head around this trip and blog because it was so bittersweet. It was J’s, my husbands, first time visiting with me {people joke I make so much more sense once you visit Africa and meet my family, haha} so I was SO excited to show him around this beautiful, diverse and electrifying country. And at the same time, I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer two weeks before we arrived – she was the impetus for going this time around – and it was difficult being there without her. Even now, it’s hard to write this, but I’m so glad we went and I’m so happy to share these photos. My family is as bright, warm and energetic as the country, and it really does feel like coming home. South Africans have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, they enjoy sun-downers {afternoon drinks}, are uninhibited and laugh LOUDLY. The food is amazing and you will not beat the landscapes anywhere. We started our journey in Johannesburg, then met up with my aunts for a safari outside of Durban in Hluhluwe, and finished with a week in Capetown. If YOU would like to visit South Africa, my aunts have recently opened their B&B and it’s amazing: you will not find better in Durban. I strongly recommend a visit! AND if you take me for beers sometime, I’ll share a terrifying story about the hyena below. :) Special thanks to J for the few snaps of me. So weird to be on the other side of the camera. Enjoy.

african-safari-photographer-02 african-safari-photographer-03 african-safari-photographer-04 african-safari-photographer-05 african-safari-photographer-06 african-safari-photographer-07 african-safari-photographer-08 african-safari-photographer-09 african-safari-photographer-10 african-safari-photographer-11 african-safari-photographer-12 african-safari-photographer-13 african-safari-photographer-14 african-safari-photographer-15 african-safari-photographer-16 african-safari-photographer-17 african-safari-photographer-18 african-safari-photographer-19 african-safari-photographer-20 african-safari-photographer-21 african-safari-photographer-22 african-safari-photographer-23 african-safari-photographer-24

Miss T: Boudoir Bombshell

Boston Boudoir Photography

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“That coat though”. I think I said that to Miss T over a dozen times. {Stand down animal activists: it’s faux.}

To me, there’s nothing more delicious than a fabulous texture and beautiful light… And of course working with a fellow entrepreneur. Miss T is a successful spa owner and mom, she marched into this studio with a giant grin on her face, a fur jacket and asked, “are these boots too hoochy?”, in her adorable Irish accent. “NEVER!!” I cried. Why? Because hoochy is in an attitude, not a boot. Am I right? On Miss T, those boots are magnificent- a bold graphic element that pop against her white collared shirt, and make a statement of strength and great balance. I’m so very grateful that she has allowed me to share these images. I think she looks amazing, and she is as kind and funny as she is stunningly beautiful. Bravo!



Our 9 One Federal Street Wedding in print!

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HUZZAH! You guys, we’re so pumped: Steph & Frank’s wedding is published in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. And rightfully so: this wedding was so beautiful. Fun, amazing florals & details and with two of the nicest, sweetest people. This day was really an all around WIN. We’re proud to be featured, this mag has been on our bucket list, so we’re extra giddy about it. You can see the Steph & Frank’s blog from the wedding HERE. And for fun, I’ll post the slideshow as well. ‘Cuz I KNOW you’re not working at your desk right now…

9ofs-wedding-nine-one-federal-street-modern-boston-grace-ormonde-01 9ofs-wedding-nine-one-federal-street-modern-boston-grace-ormonde-02

Steph & Frank get Married! from Studio Nouveau on Vimeo.

Jason & Whit in love {with Hobbs}

A funny engagement shoot with a dog

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YOU GUYS. I was telling someone about this engagement shoot the other day, laughing hysterically and then it occurred to me: I NEVER BLOGGED IT. And that is terrible, because this shoot ROCKED SO HARD. I’ve literally been wiping tears off my face from laughing so hard while choosing photos to put in here, because let’s be honest: they all had a special je ne sais quoi.
It started out like any engagement shoot: adorable couple, in love. We were having a lovely time. And then Jason & Whit look at me, and tell me they brought another outfit and they’d like to include their pup, Hobbs in the next part. Hobbs is their rescue golden retriever, and probably the most chill dog I’ve ever met. “That’s cool you guys, go change, I’ll hang here”… If you could see the look of WONDER AND DELIGHT on my face when they came back… I’ve never seen anything so magical. I was speechless and grinning from ear to ear. It’s like they knew my inner photo session desires. Matching shirts, the dogs, the running, the ABSOLUTE SERIOUS FACES. Kills me. Jason & Whitney- I love you guys.

Have a look, and TELL ME you don’t want to be their friends. Also, be sure to check out their wedding, which was beyond gorgeous in Vermont. And Hobbs, the rockstar dog, also makes a prominent appearance!

I’m just going to put this out there: if you ALSO find this engagement shoot stupid awesome… We want to shoot your wedding. Hands down. You call us.